Park Assist / Backup Cameras

Not every backup protection requirement calls for camera-based rear observation. Audiovox audible backup sensors also offer excellent collision avoidance warning. Ultrasonic technology notifies drivers of objects outside of their view and indicates closing distance with warning beeps. Our sensors can be easily mounted on bumpers or license plates and are designed to be weather resistant. They scan the vehicle’s blind spot when in reverse and emit a progressively faster tone as the vehicle approaches the object.

From a safety perspective, the Rear Camera Display Mirror should help reduce the risk of backup accidents, especially for vehicles with limited rear vision. Another benefit is the convenience associated with hooking up to boats, RVs and utility trailers.


Backup Sensors

Deluxe digital front or rear 2-sensor upgradeable system with learning capability

The Backup Sensors deluxe digital front or rear (2) sensor upgradable system is equipped with learning capabilities which it will learn to ignore vehicle mounted objects (i.e. bike racks, mounted spare tires and/or hitch mounted accessories). The system can detect obstacles over 6 feet away from the bumper, can be installed as a front or rear sensor system and can be upgraded to a (4) sensor system using the PSD200 2 sensor kit.

  • Sensors detect obstacles over 6 feet away from the bumper
  • System can be installed as a front or rear sensor system
  • Learning capability – this system can learn to ignore vehicle’s mounted objects
  • Waterproof connectors allow replacement of individual sensors at the bumper
  • System is upgradeable to a 4 sensor system using PSD200 2 sensor add-on kit.
  • Use all 4 black/chrome or a combination of both
  • Warning buzzer mute feature shuts off warning tones when towing and off-road
  • Passive re-arming to maintain safety.

Front Sensors

Front-Mount Parking Assist System

Make safer parking decisions by using a Front Zone automotive parking assist to alert you to obstacles closing in on your vehicle while parking. The advanced ultrasonic-based technology means the system offers consistency on targets of all densities with fewer false alarms.

  • 4 Paintable Ultrasonic Sensors
  • 6-Degree and 12-Degree Angled Bezels
  • Digital Dashboard Display
  • Visual Confirmation of Distance from an Object
  • Universal Design
  • Audible Alarm
  • Alert for Objects up to 5 Feet Behind the Vehicle

Backup Camera Mirror

Replacement rear view mirror with embedded 3.5-inch LED backlit digital monitor

  • OEM style replacement rear view mirror
  • Auto-Dimming
  • 3.5 Camera Display

Backup Camera Monitor

Basic 3.5-inch LCD rear observation monitor

Today people are distracted by many different factors when in the driver’s seat. To avoid serious accidents that could occur simply mount this 3.5″ LCD monitor to your dashboard or windshield that will automatically turn on when your vehicle is in reverse. It is compatible with most video back-up camera’s and will give you assistance and reassurance in driving.

  • 3.5-inch color display is compatible with most rear view cameras
  • Single RCA video input
  • Flexible mounting base comes complete with 3M brand automotive grade mounting tape
  • Mounting options: windshield or dash mounting
  • Power supplied by the reverse lights at the same point as the camera housing reducing installation

Lane Assist

Driver Assistance System

The MDAS-9 by Movon is an Advanced Driver Assistance System which provides visual, audible & available haptic vibrations alerts for functions like Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), DVR front / rear recording and more for any vehicle. This system can be installed in any vehicle and records statistics of driving habits which can provide invaluable feedback to fleet-vehicle owners or new drivers alike.

Cargo Camera

Third Brake Light Cargo Camera

  • Adjustable camera head
  • Integrates a cargo camera between the body of the truck and third brake light
  • Includes weather tight seal
  • Works with aftermarket display
  • Works with factory display on most vehicles

OEM Camera

Vehicle specific backup cameras

  • Factory fit with a uniform look
  • Includes weather tight seal
  • Works with aftermarket display
  • Works with factory display on most vehicles